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Guess what it's time for, guys?


The Phantasms will come to collect victims at the beginning of Day 21; there will be 6 SLOTS available for this, to ensure that everyone chosen can have enough time and attention to have their threads taken care of. All participants will be chosen randomly via dice rolls, but there is one caveat--we will not be accepting characters who have already been experimented on. So to make things easier on everyone and fairer for the new players, please don't submit characters who have already gotten a chance.

That said, all you need to do is reply to this post with the names of any characters you would like to volunteer, and we'll pick from those. If you feel like it, you can give us advanced notice of anything you absolutely don't want to do, or any ideas you're interested in pursuing, but that's not necessary if you don't want to or haven't thought of anything yet; we'll be contacting everyone who is chosen to work out their experiments personally. Sign-Ups will close and victims will be chosen at the time of the Day 21 Update, which will probably be early on Saturday, September 4th.

EDIT: Sign-ups are now officially CLOSED! As only 6 people signed up for this round, there will be no random decisions made as to who will participate; everyone who signed up this time will get to be involved. Please contact Infy or Mio to discuss experiment ideas and to set the groundwork for your threads; if you don't contact us within a few days, then one of us will contact you. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!
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The Dollsyhouse

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Night 019 Plot Update

As night falls over the house, the scuttling and whispering plaguing those bitten by the beetles--who disappear during the transition, creeping and flying away through cracks in floorboards and bushes in the Greenhouse and the like--grows ever more intense, to the point where it becomes unbearable--something has to give, as the breaking point is reached.

Naturally, that "something" is the characters themselves.

As the sun sets completely, the characters will realize the unsettling truth: more than just biting them, the beetles have also used them as a fertile place to lay their eggs in, eggs which have now started to hatch. Characters will either find themselves overcome with nausea and violently (and probably rather bloodily, at that) vomiting up eggs and newly hatched or hatching beetles, or seized with pain as the eggs hatch within their body proper and the beetles begin to gnaw their way free. Those holes will probably be rather sizeable, too; the hatching beetles are about the size of grapes, and characters can expect to produce anywhere from a dozen to a hundred beetles, depending on how many times and how severely they were bitten.

The scuttling and whispering are relieved immediately, of course, though nausea, intense pain, and substantial blood loss probably become much more immediate concerns, both for their own sake and for the possibility of hellhounds coming after them. Also worrisome is the fact that the whispering in their minds has taken on an entirely new dimension--beneath the fresh hum of the beetles, they can hear themselves whispering in their own minds, their own voices pouring out their most intimate truths and closely guarded secrets, dark or pure, fantastic or mundane. Naturally, the beetles are fully functional and move to scatter almost as soon as they are out of the character, ready to spread through the house and spread the characters' secrets with them.

Naturally, they're fast little creatures, and bite viciously when cornered or caught. They also have an aggravating habit of reviving or disappearing from traps (like closed jars) within minutes of being killed or imprisoned, once they're no longer being watched. After all, the truth never dies, does it? And the truth, of course, will set you free.

Unfortunately, killing these beetles has a markedly greater effect than killing those spawned by the house and its creatures. Rather than simply hear the truth, characters who kill a beetle know the truth. They experience it in its full context in a rush of understanding, the secret's owner's thoughts and feelings surrounding it, its meaning, even its context. That particular truth becomes painfully laid bare, an intimate connection between the secret and those who have been told it, as the latter took a piece of the former's life and identity into their hands.

Of course, the beetles' venom hasn't run its course just yet; characters will find themselves just as unfortunately truthful tonight as they were earlier in the day.

NOTE: If your character is having secrets spread, please give a run-down of them in this post. If you would like to have your character hear or experience another's secrets, please request to do so in this post, or between yourselves. Basically, please just cooperate, make sure anything done with this plot is kosher with other muns before doing it, and that everyone has their facts straight!

Did someone say sacrifice?

Any characters crazy enough to actually attempt the night 17 sacrifice, please feel free to use Ciel. He is a little kid, and no one knows his soul has been sold to a demon, so even if it doesn't work, the characters should think it would. Besides, it's one more way for me to mess with Ciel's head- making him re-live his worst nightmare. What else could be more fun?

If someone else comes along who would better fit being sacrificed in the plot, then of course, use them, but I am handing you Ciel on a silver platter.
Because I'm cruel like that.

Ciel: NO! Don't you dare! SEBASTIAN!! HELP!!


Hey Dollsy, this Monday will be a full moon and Lawrence will be a werewolf! I'm planning a party post for all those interested: just post a comment and tell me what you want to happen and I'll try to work something out.

Keep in mind, the werewofl!Lawrence is super strong, super fast, can only be killed by silver bullets, and doesn't always bite people. The only way to turn into a werewolf is to be bitten, not just scratched.
The Dollsyhouse

The Event Suggestions Post!

So, I figured it was high time we added a new suggestions post to the mix, because we've had plenty of fun suggestions for full on events, and I know I, personally, would like to hear them! c: This is for things more widespread than hauntings or rooms. So here is where you would suggest things on the level of the collar plot, 'games', etc. Let your imaginations go wild. c: Like normal, you can suggest in any way you want, but here's a rough guideline to help out!:

Anything Else:
The silence isn't so bad

Night 15; THE NOTES

We all remember the notes that were dropped by all the hostile ghosts on night 15 including the unbeatable ones oh god but I was starting to wonder if anyone else had plans to grab them all THINK POKEMON! other than me and Audio.

So can I have a quick roll call of which characters grabbed/intends to grab which note from what ghost so that Marth and Link don't end up accidentally getting doubles? What? It's a fetch quest that involves killing things and traversing the entire house to get them, these two are totally game.

This is just for my curiosity and planningness; if you want to try going for all the notes too then by all means feel free! |Da

Mother's Ghost - Link & Marth
Broken Neck Ghost - Watanuki & Break
Twisted Girl - Mio
Freezer Woman - Mio

Burning Man
Art Enthusiast
Crawling Boy
Hospital Room Boy
Hanging Man's Ghost
Screaming Woman
Needle Woman
Mistletoe Ghost(?)

FOR REFERENCE SAKE; Night 15 ghosts found here

All of the remaining ghosts are considered 'undefeatable'; brainstorming how to beat them time is go! @____@
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Valentine's Day Event: The Collars Strike Back

Does everybody remember the collars plot from forever and a day ago? A lot of people seemed to like that one and want it to make a comeback, so now it is!

.....Sort of.

In honor of Valentine's Day, characters will find themselves being connected by "the red string of fate", a cord that legends say ties soulmates together their entire lives. This won't be a romantic attachment, however! It will be rather close to the collars' connection, with a bit more psychological meddling involving things like attachment and closeness, not to mention a much more tangible physical connection.

At any rate, this is a voluntary event, thus we are holding sign-ups for it. There is no limit to how many characters anyone can enter into this; I'll personally be holding one character in reserve, just in case we get an odd number that needs to be rounded out. It will be starting on February 7th, at which point a more detailed announcement for the event will be made, and the fun can begin. This is just to give you guys enough information to be properly informed, and enough time to sign up and get assigned partners. However, we do have a few things to take note of!

* Please do not enter this event if you are going to be inactive! Unexpected problems and hiatuses can be worked around, but if you don't expect that you'll have the motivation or time to post during the month of February, then please don't hold back anyone you may be getting partnered with. It's just rude. ;~; So be nice to each other and respect that not only will everyone involved want to be able to play with this event, bit that everyone should be able to as well.

* There will be plot involved with this! One person in this event will get tangled up in a bit of plot and probably a lot of trauma. If you want the possibility of being involved in this, please say so when you post. If you don't say anything about it, we will assume that you don't want to chance it, and will keep you out of the running for that spot.

* If you have any other preferences of any sort for your character, as to who to connect/not connect them to, please say so when you post. That's the only way we can properly take it into account when partners are being assigned.

* Please note that the characters paired together will ideally have absolutely no CR at all. If that isn't possible for some reason, then we will ensure that you get a partner with whom your character has had only little interaction with. This is all about expanding your horizons and getting outside of your usual circle of friends, so having a blank slate is not only critical, but it's pretty much the whole point of this plot.

That's about it! Please post with the characters you want to be involved here, or with any questions you might have about the event. We won't start partnering people up until closer to the event, so everyone has a chance to post.

EDIT: SIGN-UPS ARE OVER! If you have a problem with your pairing, please let us know!


Hi Dollsy! There is a thread going up shortly with Break and Watanuki in the abyss room in Ira. This thread is open for now, but shortly Break and Watanuki are going to fall off the cliff-- these things happen when you're blind and/or have no muscle to pull your friend back up-- and then plot is happening, because plot happens when you fall down the abyss. So if anyone wants to get in on this and think of a logical reason for their pups to be there and dive off a cliff, head over here. We won't be waiting too terribly long to close it because a) we're EXCITED HOLY SHIT and b) a huge thread would be strange and slow things down a lot, but just thought you all might like a head's up. Be aware though that this thread DOES need to move fairly quickly. I'm not just saying this to be an ass, it's a mod decree. So if you're going on hiatus soon or are on slowatus, please don't join. Though don't fret, we'll be bringing back plenty of plot for everyone! \o/

Kay, I think that's it.
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OKAY, since chat is leik WOA FAST.

Envelope gathering! Plot here.


The red envelope is on a tombstone in the Cemetary.
Lung cutting issues
The blue envelope is in the Observatory, resting against the window.
The yellow envelope is held by Allison in the Lavender Bedroom.
...self explanitory
The green envelope is on the top step of the tower.
Zombies are up there, Satan let them out. They're still up there though
The black envelope is in the bottom of the well.
Wasps and needle lady are present

-Those mentioned above
-Zombies running around
-Any other hauntings in the way
-Mewtwo's rampage